Sunday, September 18, 2011

YoP post #11, Shh! It's A Secret

More socks this week. This time just for me... at least I think this pair is for me :) sometimes things just don't work out for me, too big-too little. But this time I WILL get it right! I just know it. Here's a Pic of the toes which are done so I can move on to the pattern rows. Yay!

One of my newer projects are these adorable tiny bunnies. This one is only about the size of a penny. The whole point of these is to lose them. I know crazy right? So you make a bunch then take them with you whenever you go out someplace and put them with a little note attached in unexpected places to brighten peoples day. Example.. library, grocery store, bank.....only since there so small be sure to put them out of childrens reach like the Non-Fiction section of the Library or the top half of the grocery shelves. You could of course make them with worsted yarn and leave them almost anywhere. The point is to make someone smile for a while. Most of my scraps lately have been from all those socks I'm churning out so all my bunnies are tiny. There's a whole Group about it on Ravelry so come chect it out if your interested.

A sweet find during my Saturday yardsale adventures. I do love to find something I want at a really good price and this was free! I'm using it for my crochet hooks :) Perfect right?

My very first Felting project. Don't know what it is but can't wait to find out. The color runs a bit (turned my finger greenish a bit while knitting) and I don't know what to do about that so if anyone has any Idea whats gonna happen when I try to felt it please let me know. If you've ever had this problem you could take away a quite a bit of my anxiety just by leaving me a comment. I really hope it wont mess up my washing machine.

Here's the suprise! I finished the hat I am making for my Mother for Christmas. Matches the scarf pretty well. Now all I have to do is make up the Wristies/fingerless gloves and the set will be ready.

Maybe for next weeks post you all can find out what I plan to make for my Father.


Faith said...

I love the mini bunny idea, very cute, it certainly would make me smile for a while! I have tried felting once and it turned out quite well, I guess if you are worried about your machine, you could try some of those colour catch sheets, or some old towels or something to soak up any excess colour? Then again, I am no expert! Hope it goes well!

Marsha said...

The hat is so pretty. The pattern on it is lovely. Love the bunny idea. Might have to bookmark that idea for later use. I have never felted so I will be no help at all for you.

Contessa said...

I mentioned it in passing on my post today, but I joined the tiny bunny movement, too!!! I think the first one is accidentally going to be left behind at my parents' place the next time I'm there. After that, it's random places in public -- maybe the school library, or the next time we get to go to a restaurant (whenever that is). Ooooh, maybe at the San Diego Zoo!!
Have you written up any notes for your bunnies yet? (BTW, your bunnies are SO CUTE!)

Anonymous said...

love that idea with the dinky little bunnies - they are so cute!!

Sandy said...

The orange hat is darling and I love the start of your socks, such a cool color. Good luck on the felting. I've only done it once, so am not able to help you.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'd smile if I found a mini-bunny somewhere unexpected!

That little pouch does look perfect for crochet hooks - good find!

If the yarn dye runs you can try first handwashing it in the sink with some white vinegar. Sometimes the excess dye just needs to be washed out and that the end of it. The vinegar can help to set the dye. You definitely don't want to wash it in the machine with other things until you are confident it won't run.

Dorothy said...

Those bunnies are cute and what a lovely idea. Do you ever get feedback from the notes? Finding something like that would sure make me smile :) Your mother's hat is so nice and I'm sure she'll love it. Its an interesting pattern - what is the name of the stitch you used for the middle section?

Kepanie said...

I just might join that mini bunnies movement. I love making someone smile.
Love that hat for your mum. Great Fall color and it looks soft and comfy and warm.
Nice score on your bag for your hooks. It will definitely show a noncrafter that crochetin' ain't just for grannies.