Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crochet VS. Knitting

when I first began to knit 1 year ago (plus a few months) I was sure I would never Crochet. Not even a chain! I had been told and had read (in S. McPhee's book) that crochet was a waste of yarn and that it may be quicker but if you had limited funds for you stash building then each stitch in crochet used 3x the amount as a knit stitch. So as a beginner I decided not to waste yarn, at least not that way :) (there was a lot of wasting and longish ends and mistakes).

Then I decided about 3 months ago to do a patternwhich called for a *gasp* chain. I tried to do it without looking. Failed. Borrowed a book and read Only the How to Chain part. Failed. Then I bit the bullet and just read the durn book.

The patterns were fabulous-the language was jibberish. Really loved the patterns though! Borrowed a Video. I did much better with that. I know because the first of my Granny Squares was born (Shameful yes, still working on the same ones as my YOP project list) So I made a few washcloths and a baby blanket and I love to crochet. Still love my knitting too.

What I've gotten from all this? Well I firmly believe that Crochet is not a total waste. So okay I wouldn't use it for everything but really who would only color in say violet for the rest of thair lives.

Knitting is done nice and thin unless you purposely Double knit or add cables. If you are going to do that then your using just as much yarn as you would with crochet. So if I want a nice thick cloth I crochet and if I want a thin piece I knit and if it dosen't matter, I use what I like or what has the best looking pattern. I think if I ever wanted a really warm blanket I would crochet in sc all the way! none of tha washcloths was ever tighter and thicker than that and I tried each st I learned as a cloth first.

So tell me what you think Knitting VS. Crochet?


Marsha said...

I love both. But if I am wanting something quickly I crochet it. But there are some patterns that you just have to knit. I like the knit look for apparel. I love crochet for blankets, washclothes, some scarves, shawls and household items.

FoFo said...

I started crocheting at the age of 10, when I made my first baby blanket, for my dolly of course. And at the age of 12 my mother tried to teach me to knit and I promptly threw it across the room! I didn't pick it up again until about 5 years ago and I love it. I frequently have two projects going, one knit and one crochet. I don't think it's a waste of yarn. I use less yarn crocheting a baby blanket than I do knitting it. I won't ever knit another baby blanket, it takes way to long for me! Enjoy both, they are both lovely creative ways to make something!

O-mama said...

i enjoy both. but i also do very little with them. i have a blanket i started for my mom years ago. as in i was working on it while pregnant with my six year old... i still need to finish it. maybe i should aim for this christmas...if i recall, it is all single crochet. and i was trying to figure out how to go back and put another layer of stitches to make it even thicker. lol.

typing across a nurseling, please forgive it being poorly.