Sunday, August 7, 2011

YoP Sunday post #5

I've decided to number my posts so I can keep up with how many weeks I have left for our little project here. Thank you to everyone who gave me advise on my Baby Blanket. It turned out beautifully (at least to me) nice and square and the edging was done in the right amount of stitches. 3 Days I worked on the math for that bit and still I didn't trust myself. I just added rows until I had it square and then started the shell pattern at the bottom of the blanket, in the end I had to unravel 1 row anyway but that didn't bother me so much since I hadn't cut and finished that edge yet. My picture came out sideways again, still dont know why, maybe one day I'll get the hang of that.

After that sucess I began my Baby Kimono Wrap which it turns out keeps telling me how dumb I am! This is as far as I can get because I need serious help. Anyone who crochets Please take a look at this pattern and tell me what's going on when I get to # 4 because I have tried several things and they all look terrible. The pattern is a free one from Ravelry so if you have the time to spare I would greatly appreciate help. If my Blog does not allow you to leave comments feel free to leave me a message(pm) on Rav. under Trenody85.

This next picture would have been a disaster if someone hadn't told me that Top Down Crocheted Hats stay flat until you finish with the increase rows. There May have been some hysterical crying during the 4 assumed failures before I got that bit of advise but if there were I would never admit it.

This is the second half of my Mystery 220 group project. I had meant to post this last WIP Wednesday but then I decided not to over burden myself so close to the beginning of the school year meaning that I have decided to combine all knitting posts in the Sunday post so that I have more time during the week for "Midgets" homework plus regular meal and earlier bed times. Sometimes her homework can take a couple hours all by itself.
this last picture is what my Mystery looks like all layed out on a chair. I know it must be a wrap or table runner because I can't think of anything else it could be, though with the pic I chose for the first half, a blanket was a good guess. We just got a new clue on this so in a few weeks I may have a new update about this project.

We also started a few new mysteries and I will be starting a pair of socks in a few days with my other groups. Love all the blogs I have read so far, can't wait for all your next updates.


Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Woah - you have been a busy bee! SO much lovely stuff. I wish I could help with the crochet question but really have no clue and am also confused about UK/US crochet terms :-/

Sandy said...

Everything is looking good. Not much time before work to look at the pattern; but will on my return. I might be able to see what's causing problems, I too crochet. The mystery item is pretty, but I would need to know what I'm working on to know if it's coming along as it's suppose to. I'm also very visual.

Dorothy said...

The baby blanket turned out very nice. Wish I could help you with the crochet problem but I too am having difficulty trying to figure out #4 and I've been crocheting for almost 40 years ! I know what you're supposed to be doing but how to explain ?? What you could try is to work to the first 'corner' and when you get to the middle of it, skip the next lot of hdc's and resume working in the middle of the next corner, thus creating a hole which will be the armhole. Without actually seeing it, its a bit hard to explain but I hope this might help you.

RugbyMad said...

Am totally impressed with your crochet. It all looks amazing, I have been crocheting for awhile and still haven't made a top down cardi.

The first time I made a hat, it confused me totally. Keep it up and all will work out fine.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely blanket!

I wouldn't have known that top down hats stay flat through the increases - I'd be ripping it out right along side you until someone let me know!

The mystery project is gorgeous! A table runner I think!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty things! I hope you have the cardigan tamed now.

FoFo said...

You have been a busy little bee!!! The blanket looks lovely. I had that moment of panic when I started making blankets so I know what you mean! The shawl looks lovely. Keep going. I will take a look at the kimono and see if I can figure it out.